Warning about boarding your dog.

Be very careful about where you board you dog. .. even the best and newest facilities do not mean much when they do not hire enough staff to run it.

When dogs run together in large groups and you have to sign waivers that release the kennel operator of all liability should another dog cause damage to yours, maybe you should be seeking out another facility.

Small kiddie pools are great for dogs to run and play in but all dogs should be dried off prior to being kennelled in air conditioned rooms . Pool water should be changed for each group of dogs and limited to the amount of dogs...disease can easily infect many dogs in a communal damp play area. Wet dogs in cold rooms can get pneumonia Hot humid days outdoors must be overseen and supervised to make sure no dog is lying out there that may be a candidate for heat exhaustion. ....So once again donít be afraid to ask questions . you are their voice.